Feng Shui and Chinese Astrology Update: March 2021

March 5 takes us into the first day of the Metal Rabbit month. We’re now in the second month of the Ox year and the middle of spring in the Chinese solar calendar. Monthly star 4 in the center of the Feng Shui Flying Star chart shares the same Yin Wood element as the Rabbit, highlighting the qualities of Yin Wood and continuing the previous month’s theme of new beginnings.

The first half of the month belongs to a seasonal marker called “Insects Stir”, one of the loveliest times of the year, with nature picking up its activities after awakening from slumber. Yin and Yang will soon return to balance in the second half of the month when we reach spring equinox, the height of spring.
March is an ideal time to observe how the year’s prevailing heavenly energies affect the environment. Yin Metal in the heavenly stem of the month mirrors the Ox year’s heavenly stem, intensifying the influences of Yin Metal, associated with delicate metals such as jewelry and needles as well as luxury goods and beauty. As mentioned in my 2021 outlook, March 2021 is the month when COVID-19 vaccines become more widely available around the world.
Yin Metal, like a mirror, also represents self-reflection and self-improvement. With most people likely to continue working from home, we’re literally seeing our own reflection more on Zoom or other video conference apps, whether we like it or not. Some of us may become overly self-critical, while others make efforts to improve their on-screen appearance, with sales of ring lights on the rise. The strong Yin Metal this month encourages us to be more aware of how we present ourselves to others.
The Rabbit is a pure Yin Wood sign associated with flowers, leaves and grass. As the nature of Yin Wood is yielding, flexible, and accommodating, we’ll also see these qualities manifested in the environment throughout the month, with people in general being less rigid and more cooperative.
One of the four Peach Blossom signs in Chinese Astrology, the Rabbit attracts and pulls others into its orbit. It’s an especially social month if you were born in year or day of the Dog, Tiger, and Horse. We may be in the mood to spend more time with loved ones, but as Yin Metal clashes with Yin Wood, take the appropriate health and safety precautions first as the coronavirus thrives on complacency.
If you were born in a Yin Water or Yang Water year or day, the period between March 5 to April 4 is a good time to schedule personal, medical, or professional consultations as the Rabbit brings nobleman protection and heavenly guidance. *Water years are years that end with 2 or 3, such as 1972, 1973, 1982, 1983, and so on.
Take caution this month if you have a Rooster, the sign opposite the Rabbit, in your chart. As a Yin Metal sign, the Rooster should especially be mindful with their words and when handling sharp objects in the month of the Rabbit.
March 2021 Feng Shui
In the Flying Star Feng Shui chart for March 2021 above, the numbers in green are the annual stars for the current year (good until February 3, 2022), while the numbers in blue refer to March’s monthly stars.
The number in the center and its corresponding trigram can serve as an indicator of the general moods and themes of that period, whether it’s an annual number or a monthly number. In March, monthly star 4 of academic excellence and romance “flies” to the center, which together with the Rabbit emphasize a progressive and socially-oriented month.
Star 4, the ruling star of the month, is a Yin Wood star associated with Xun, the Wind trigram, further highlighting qualities associated with Yin Wood, the element of the Rabbit. The Xun trigram is a reminder from the universe for us to stay flexible in our attitude to best adapt to the winds of change. Our mindset plays a major part in manifesting our vision. The more we can open our mind to accept different views, the more we’ll be able to think critically and take advantage of hidden opportunities. The message of the Wind trigram can also be literal: we can expect to deal with windy weather conditions throughout the month.
This month, the most productive sectors are the center, South, and West sectors. Monthly star 4 forms an auspicious sum of 10 combination with annual star 6 in the center, bringing positive energy to homes with an open center. Monthly star 8 of current prosperity flies to the South to accompany annual star 1 of wisdom and distant prosperity, while monthly star 6 of power visits the West, 2021’s most auspicious sector where the annual 8 resides. Do your work or daily activities in these sectors to activate the positive stars. * Stars 1, 6, and 8 are favorable stars and any combination of them (such as 1/8, 1/6, or double 1) would be considered auspicious.
You can also use the Southwest sector, blessed with monthly star 1 of wisdom and victory. With annual star 3 of arguments present in the sector, however, be aware of your emotions when spending time in the Southwest, and leave the sector if you feel anger or irritability rising.
Keep the Southeast, North, East, and Northwest sectors quiet in March. These are the sectors visited by the annual or monthly stars 5 of misfortune and stars 2 of illness. Take extra precautions when it comes to your health if your bedroom is located in any of these sectors. Reinforce all doors and windows located in the Northeast, visited by monthly 7, which together with the annual 9 is a combination associated with robbery or fire dangers.
*Although there may be remedies to lessen a sector’s negative energy, the best solution is to keep the area as quiet as possible, especially if you’re not familiar with your home’s natal energies as you may accidentally activate a negative natal star. Common sense also applies – for example, it’s a good idea to have doors and windows reinforced if they’re located in a sector affected by star 7 of robbery.
Contact us here if you’d like to identify and activate the auspicious sectors in your living or office space and subdue the influences of inauspicious stars to help manifest your highest potentials. A proper Feng Shui analysis always takes into account the floor plan of a home, its location, direction, external and internal environment, and the year the home was built, as well as its affinity with the residents’ natal charts.
Knowing your home’s natal energies brings full awareness of your internal environment. An experienced consultant will identify your home and office’s energetic blue print and give proper recommendations on how to boost the effects of positive stars and lessen the impact of negative stars, but it is up to you whether or not you choose to implement the recommendations. Just like we spend time on self-care as part of our personal growth, there is major “home” work involved once you’ve had your home professionally Feng Shui’d.