Feng Shui is the study of Qi – the elemental energy of nature. Classical Feng Shui analyzes both a site’s external environment, which includes landform and support from surrounding structures, as well as its internal forms, which take into account the location, facing direction of the site, and the effect of time. Functional Feng Shui incorporates Xuan Kong Flying Stars Feng Shui to identify and activate positive stars in one’s environment and the 8 Mansions for the best sleeping and working positions according to the occupants’ personal directions.

A Feng Shui assessment aims to identify and harness auspicious Qi in one’s environment while transforming the more volatile sectors into a more supportive space that will help bring better health, harmony, growth, prosperity, and good opportunities to all occupants.

Principal Consultant Vicki Iskandar has studied Chinese Metaphysics at the Raymond Lo School of Feng Shui and Destiny, American Feng Shui Institute, and Joey Yap’s Mastery Academy of Chinese Metaphysics. She also holds certification to teach Qi Gong and yoga from Matthew Cohen’s Sacred Energy Arts.

She has been advising clients on BaZi / Four Pillars of Destiny, a form of Chinese Astrology, since 2012, and Feng Shui since 2013 after getting her certifications from Grand Master Raymond Lo, while serving as a digital marketing consultant for a variety of brands in LOHAS (Lifestyle of Health and Sustainability). In 2017, she made the transition to Feng Shui consulting full-time and is now committed to helping others manifest their personal and professional visions and maximize their potentials, using a unique holistic approach that combines the ancient art of Chinese Metaphysics (which includes Feng Shui, BaZi, and Qi Men Dun Jia) with her background in business strategies and her expertise in health and wellness.

Vicki is also a licensed California Realtor (DRE #02109794). Having worked with real estate agents, developers, and homebuyers in the past few years as a Feng Shui consultant, she enjoyed the interactions and the relationships built so much she decided to get a real estate license. She’s now able to provide her clients with the most unique real estate experience in Southern California as part of the Anderson | Pace Real Estate Group at Compass.

A prolific writer, Vicki has been writing for print and digital publications since she completed her MBA in Marketing from New York University. Not a stranger to the world of luxury and design, she’s edited the pages of global fashion magazines, including Harper’s Bazaar Singapore. She’s offered her daily astrological insights, a unique blend of Chinese and Western astrology on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook at @5elementsoracle since 2012. She’s currently at work on a manuscript, to be published by Hay House in Fall 2023.

Based in Los Angeles with roots in Southeast Asia, Vicki travels regularly to Asia to study with the region’s Feng Shui masters and visit sacred places around the world to deepen her studies of Metaphysics. She complements the knowledge gained with grounding spiritual practices that include Seven Star Taoist Qi Gong, the Afro-Brazilian Orixá dance movement, and yoga. She is in deep gratitude to Eva Wong for her guidance in Qi Gong and Taoism, Vida Vierra of Rainbow Body Healing for stirring the pot, and her great ancestors for the gift and encouragement in continuing the Taoist lineage.