Feng Shui and Chinese Astrology Update: November 2023

Winter is here. November 8 takes us into the month of the Water Pig as the sun enters 15° Scorpio. We’re now in the first month of winter according to the Chinese solar calendar. We can expect a fast-paced month, with double Yin Water in the heavenly frequency and the Pig, a travel star. In the Feng Shui Flying Star chart, monthly star 8 of current prosperity, associated with the Mountain trigram, rules the center.

As the last of the 60 pillars, the Water Pig signals the end of a cycle. We may deal with various closures on personal and professional matters started 5 years ago. Between now to December 6, focus on wrapping up for the year. The month will fly by quickly –November is one of those months that always seem to come and go just like that – such is the dynamic nature of the Pig as one of the four travel stars in Chinese astrology. Travel stars are change agents, and the Pig will help us make necessary changes this month.
The presence of double Yin Water strengthens the Yin Water influences of the Water Rabbit year. Yin Water holds wisdom within its depth, as well as secrets and mysteries. Tune in to the quiet to listen to that wisdom. Water is the element that invites us to explore our deepest fears, but whereas Yang Water is turbulent, Yin Water is calm. We can dive deep into the self and bring these fears into consciousness without getting pulled into the abyss.
Earth and Fire are the elements that will help manage your fears and anxiety. Water doesn’t stop moving unless contained by Earth. Activate the Earth energy within with Earth element actions: keep doing your work, stay consistent. Calm the mind with stillness. Keep your frequency high by staying positive. Soak in some sunshine and cook your food to help keep the inner Fire strong. Hearty soups and stews are most comforting and grounding to the body in this Yin season.

Guidance from the Chinese Five Elements Oracle: knowledge brings wisdom

The Wood Ox pillar offers us guidance for the month of the Water Pig. The Wood Ox provides a counterbalance to the Water Pig’s fast-paced nature. Whenever life is pressuring you to hurry up, Yin Wood reminds us it’s more than ok to stop and smell the flowers, while the Ox, a Yin Earth sign, helps us slow down. This month, set aside time to feed and nurture the mind so you can take purposeful, intentional actions instead of rushing mindlessly.
This card also appears as a message to upgrade your skillset with new insights and experiences. Read and listen more. Seek advice from a mentor or a coach. Engage with those who inspire you. Invest in that course you’ve been thinking of taking, or enroll in a higher education program to open new doors.
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What’s ahead for the signs

Signs that are in harmony with the Pig are secret friend the Tiger and allies the Sheep and the Rabbit. Those with these signs in their birth chart can generally expect a smoother, collaborative month ahead, although keep in mind that the Pig may also clash with other animal signs in the chart.
Those born in a year or day with Fire element in the heavenly frequency will be blessed with divine support as the Pig brings help and assistance from the universe when needed – a good month for consultations or coaching sessions. *Years with Fire element in the heavenly frequency are those that end with 6 and 7, such as 1986, 1987, 1996, 1997.
The Pig is the travel star to those born in the year or day of the Snake, the Ox, and the Bird/Rooster. If that’s you, be mindful of your surroundings as many of us will be traveling near and far or rushing to get from one place to another.
Those born in the year or the month of the Snake, the sign opposite the Pig, need to take extra precautions this month, especially when traveling or on the move. If you have a Pig in your birth chart, practice higher self-awareness and self-compassion as the Pig month can trigger self-sabotaging behaviors. Recognize when your fears and self-doubts stop you from moving forward.

Feng Shui for the Water Pig Month (November 8 – December 6, 2023)

In the Flying Star Feng Shui chart for November 2023 above, the numbers in green are the annual stars for the current year (good until February 3, 2024), while the numbers in blue refer to November monthly stars (good from November 8, 2023 to December 6, 2023).
The stars in the center of the Bagua chart, represented by the numbers, form the energetic foundation of the particular periods, whether annual or monthly. Each number (with the exception of number five) is associated with a trigram. The symbolisms of the trigrams can provide us with messages and guidance to issues that arise during the specific period.
Flying star 8 in the center corresponds to ☶ Gen, the Mountain trigram, associated with Yang Earth and the little brother. With two broken Yin lines at the bottom representing Earth and one solid Yang line at the top representing Heaven, the trigram illustrates the importance of being firmly grounded in earthly matters. When we’re rooted and in our center, we can steadily climb higher and observe truths from a bird’s eye view without judgment. We’re also more likely to remain calm even in the most stressful situations. The trigram also reminds us that there is a time for action, and a time for rest. In a fast-moving month, seek stillness when you need to gather and cultivate energy.
This month’s most vibrant sectors are the North, center, and West, with annual star 9 of joy and future prosperity in the North strengthening monthly star 4 of creativity and romance, monthly star 8 of current prosperity joining annual star 4 in the center, and monthly star 1 of wisdom joining annual star 6 of power in the West. Activate the positive energies by spending your time and doing your daily activities in these sectors of your residence or office. The South sector still benefits from having annual star 8 of prosperity, but be mindful of the presence of monthly star 3 of arguments.
The sectors afflicted by the annual or monthly star 5 of misfortune and star 2 of illness should ideally be kept quiet, but if you can’t avoid them, use them mindfully – no loud noises or banging the doors. This month, these sectors are the Northwest, Southwest, Northeast, and East. The Northwest is an especially sensitive area with monthly star 9 amplifying annual star 5 of misfortune. Treat these sectors gently.
Reinforce any doors or windows located in the Northeast and Southeast sectors, afflicted by the annual and monthly stars 7 of robbery and fire dangers.

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