Feng Shui and Chinese Astrology Update: June 2021

June 5 takes us into the month of the Wood Horse. We’re now approaching solstice, the height of summer in the Chinese solar calendar, a time of light and joy. In the Feng Shui Flying Star chart, star 1 of victory and wisdom is in the center, bringing positive energy into the fifth month of the year of the Ox.

Summer is a season ruled by Fire element, with Yang / brightness taking over Yin / darkness. Halfway into the month, Yin will fully disappear and Yang will reach its peak at summer solstice. As nature is full of expansive activities at this time of year, so must we. Embrace the Yang to stoke your inner Fire. This is the season of joy, associated with Fire element, and a time to be most physically active.
Yang Wood in the heavenly stem and the Horse, a Yang Fire sign, in the earthly branch of the month highlight themes of expansion and joy. Yang Wood is also associated with strength, strong leadership, and compassion. An imbalance of Yang Wood, however, can lead to strong beliefs and convictions that may hinder growth. Letting go of self-limiting beliefs and opening the heart to compassion and joy are keys to growth in the month ahead.
After a fast-paced month of the Snake in May, we get to slow down and enjoy more of life’s little pleasures in the month of the Horse, which starts on June 5th and ends on July 6th. The free-spirited Horse awakens our longings for love, adventures, and play. One of the four “Peach Blossom” animals in Chinese Astrology, the Horse brings fun times and social opportunities, especially to those born in year or day of the Snake, the Ox, and the Rooster.
Other animal signs that benefit from the Horse are secret friend the Sheep and allies the Tiger and the Dog. Those with these signs in their chart can expect a more collaborative month ahead, with support from friends and family. *Keep in mind that other signs in the natal chart may contribute to a more challenging month.
If you were born in a Yin Metal year or day, the Horse month is a good time to schedule personal, medical, or professional consultations as the Horse brings support from noble people and heavenly guidance. *Yin Metal years are years that end with 1, such as 1991, 2001, 2011, 2021, and so on.
Those with a Rat, the sign opposite the Horse, in their chart may find this month to be more challenging, especially when it comes to balancing personal and professional obligations. As both signs are Peach Blossom stars, this is a month to be mindful of excessive social activities. Know your limit, avoid overscheduling yourself, and recognize when it’s time to take a break.
In the Flying Star chart for June 2021 above, the numbers in green are the annual stars for the current year (good until February 3, 2022), while the numbers in blue refer to June 2021’s monthly stars (good until July 6, 2021). The flying star in the center, whether it’s an annual or monthly number, and its corresponding trigram highlight the themes and potential challenges that may arise during that period.
The trigram of the month, Kan, is associated with Water element, the middle son, the kidneys, the ears, the reproductive system, the emotion fear, and the direction North in the Bagua chart. These associations carry messages and meanings that speak to those looking for guidance. For example, since the Water trigram relates to the ears, this is a month to listen more. Only when we truly listen and pay attention to the quiet voice within, we can separate the truth from the loud noises that have kept us distracted.
The trigram’s one solid Yang line between two broken Yin lines represents the mystery of heaven / the unknown, while the broken Yin lines above and below the solid Yang line suggest we look into our fears – the ones we acknowledge and the ones we repress. A healthy dose of fear is natural and serves as a powerful motivator and survival tool. On the other hand, too much fear can hinder growth. Have your recent fears stopped you from engaging in your favorite activities?
As it is the nature of water to flow downward into wherever there’s space, fear can seep into every aspect of our life if we allow it to. Master your fears: since Earth controls Water in the Five Element Cycle, manage your fears by going within to acknowledge and address the roots of your fears, including the hidden ones. Are those fears real? Stay grounded in your center so that fear is not the force that’s in control of your actions.
This month, the most productive sectors are the center and East sectors, with monthly star 1 of distant prosperity in the center and monthly star 8 of current prosperity in the East. You can use these sectors for work-related matters, or simply do more of your daily activities in these sectors to energize the positive stars. The Northeast sector, blessed by monthly star 4 of academic excellence and romance, is ideal for studies, creative projects, and social activities.
Keep the Southeast, South, North, and Northwest sectors quiet this month. These are the sectors afflicted with the yearly or monthly stars 5 of misfortune and stars 2 of illness. The Southeast sector is especially sensitive to loud noises or bright lights due to the presence of the monthly star 9, which amplifies the nature of the existing stars. Take extra safety precautions if you reside in the Southeast region of a geographical area or if your front door is located in the sector.
Reinforce all doors and windows located in the Southwest sector, visited by monthly 7 of violence and robberies, and the Northwest sector, where the annual 7 is. Use the Southwest and West sectors mindfully and leave these sectors when you notice temper rising, as these are the sectors visited by the annual and monthly star 3 of arguments.
*Although there may be remedies to lessen a sector’s negative energy, the best solution is to simply avoid using the sector, or keep the area as quiet as possible and respect whatever energy is visiting there, especially if you’re not familiar with your home’s natal energies as you may accidentally activate a negative natal star. If you do have to spend time in the area, keep your activities there minimal. Common sense also applies: for example, it’s a good idea to have doors and windows reinforced if they’re located in a sector affected by star 7 of robbery.
Contact me here if you’d like to identify and activate the auspicious sectors in your living or office space and subdue the influences of inauspicious stars to help optimize your family’s well-being. I also recommend getting a strategic life reading, which provides you with a blueprint for manifesting your highest potentials.
**If you have had a Feng Shui assessment done, consider getting an annual update as annual stars are strong in influence and can highly affect the well-being of the home’s occupants. A proper Feng Shui analysis always takes into account the floor plan of a home, its location, direction, external and internal environment, and the year the home was built, as well as its affinity with the residents’ natal charts.
Just like we spend time on self-care as part of our life’s self-work, there is major “home” work involved once you’ve had your home professionally Feng Shui’d. Knowing your home’s natal energies brings full awareness of how your immediate environment can positively influence your life.