Feng Shui and Chinese Astrology Update: December 2022

December 7 takes us into the Water Rat month. We’re now in the height of winter in the Chinese solar calendar. Monthly star 1 of wisdom in the center of the Feng Shui Flying Star chart brings relief and hopes for new beginnings after November’s inauspicious pairing of misfortune and illness stars in the center.

Both the month’s heavenly frequency and the Rat share the same element, which is Yang Water, the main element of the Water Tiger year. Associated with powerful ocean water, the month’s triple Yang Water tells us to anticipate big waves approaching. All this water can make some of us feel fearful and overwhelmed, especially in the first half of the month (the two weeks before winter solstice), while others may feel rejuvenated and more than ready to play with the waves.
As one of the four “Peach Blossom” stars in Chinese Astrology, the Rat brings social and romantic opportunities, especially to those born in year or day of the Pig, the Rabbit, and the Sheep / the Goat. It’s no wonder that the Rat month (December 7 – January 4) is traditionally a time of family gatherings and holiday parties – such is the social nature of the Rat.
Signs that get along with the Rat are secret friend the Ox and allies the Monkey and the Dragon. Those with these signs in their charts can generally expect a more harmonious, enjoyable month ahead.
Take it easy if you were born in the year of the Horse, the sign opposite the Rat. With both signs being Peach Blossoms (stars of romance), the Horse may simply exhaust themselves from going to too many holiday parties. Those born in the month of the Horse (which means your Sun is between 15° Gemini to 14°59 Cancer in the Western zodiac) will especially need to take care of their lower energy level and rest as needed during the Rat month.
The Rat is a “Nobleman” star to those who have Yin Earth or Yin Wood as their Day Master / self element, as well as those born in a Yin Earth or Yin Wood year (which are years ending in 9 and 5, respectively. For example, 2019 was a Yin Earth year). If the Rat is your Nobleman star, you’re blessed with Divine Support during the month to help you during times of need. *To find your self element (the ruling element of the day you were born), use this chart calculator.)
In a month doused with overwhelming Water element, it’s easy to fall into depression. Raise your frequency by adding Fire element, associated with light and the heart, into your inner and outer environments to stoke your inner joy. Keep yourself warm and cook your food to bring in Fire element into the body. Get some light outdoor if you can – even holiday lights can do wonders in lifting the spirit. Engage in activities that make your heart sing.
December 2022 Feng Shui
In the Flying Star Feng Shui chart for December 2022 above, the numbers in green are the annual stars for the current year (good until February 3, 2024), while the numbers in blue refer to December’s monthly stars (good from December 7, 2022 to January 4, 2023).
Just like the prevailing elements of the month, the number in the center of the chart can bring insights into the general moods and themes of the period. This month, monthly star 1 of wisdom, associated with ☵ Kan, the Water trigram, “flies” to the center, which further emphasizes the intensity of Water element.
The trigram’s one solid Yang line between two broken Yin lines can be seen as a divide, while the broken Yin lines above the solid Yang line represent the fears we acknowledge and the broken Yin lines below, the fears we repress. Recognize your baseline and rise above your fears to level up – letting your fears drag you down will only pull you further down the hole without resources to help you back up. The symbolism of the Water trigram can also be literal: we may deal with heavy rains and stormy weather conditions throughout the month.
There are more productive sectors that we can use this month compared to the previous month, which had the inauspicious annual star 5 of misfortune exacerbated by the monthly star 2 of illness in the center, afflicting the overall environment. Look into the center of your home if you didn’t feel your best in the past month – if it’s a busy area like a hallway, you may have unconsciously activated the stars whenever you passed through. The good news is, the influence of the annual star 5 is weakening as we head into solstice.
This month’s auspicious stars are in the East (star 8 of prosperity), Southeast (star 9 of future prosperity and joy), Northeast (star 4 of romance and study), and North (star 6 of power). You can use these sectors for work-related matters, or simply do more of your daily activities in these sectors to energize the positive stars. The Southeast sector is especially great for social activities and creativity, while the North makes an ideal office space.
Keep the South, West, Southwest, and center sectors quiet and tidy this month. These are the sectors afflicted with the yearly or monthly stars 5 of misfortune and stars 2 of illness. Reinforce all doors and windows located in the Southwest sector, visited by monthly 7 of violence and robberies, and the West sector, where the annual 7 is. Use the East and West sectors mindfully and leave these sectors when you notice temper rising, as these are the sectors visited by the annual and monthly star 3 of arguments.
*Although there may be remedies to lessen a sector’s negative energy, the best solution is to keep the area as quiet and uncluttered as possible, especially if you’re not familiar with your home’s natal energies as you may accidentally activate a negative natal star. Common sense also applies – for example, it’s a good idea to have doors and windows reinforced if they’re located in a sector affected by star 7 of robbery.
Contact us here if you’d like to identify and activate the auspicious sectors in your living or office space and subdue the influences of inauspicious stars to help manifest your highest potentials. A proper Feng Shui analysis always takes into account the floor plan of a home, its location, direction, external and internal environment, and the year the home was built, as well as its affinity with the residents’ natal charts.
Knowing your home’s natal energies brings full awareness of your internal environment. An experienced consultant will identify your home and office’s energetic blue print and give proper recommendations on how to boost the effects of positive stars and lessen the impact of negative stars, but it is up to you whether or not you choose to implement the recommendations. Just like we spend time on self-care as part of our personal growth, there is major “home” work involved once you’ve had your home professionally Feng Shui’d.

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