Feng Shui and Chinese Astrology: April 2023

April 5th takes us into the month of the Fire Dragon, the last month of spring and the third month of the Water Rabbit year in the Chinese solar calendar. In the Flying Star Feng Shui chart, monthly star 6 of authority takes center stage, bringing the influences of the Heaven trigram.

Associated with the sun, Yang Fire in the month’s heavenly frequency is uplifting and energizing – the ultimate Yang that elevates the heart into the joy frequency. We usually feel more alive and optimistic when Fire element is present. This is a month to be more physically active, a time to step it up and nurture the seeds planted in the previous two months of strong Wood. Soak in the light by spending more time outside, especially in the morning hours of the Dragon (7 – 9 am), late afternoon hours of the Monkey (3 – 5 pm), and the golden sunset hours of the Bird / the Rooster (5 – 7 pm). As Yang needs Yin and vice versa, balance the Fire with plenty of downtime in the evening, when the body wants more Yin.
The Dragon, one of the four Earth signs in Chinese Astrology, is the in-between sign that transitions us from spring to summer, from Wood to Fire. Considered the luckiest, most powerful sign in Chinese Astrology, the Dragon’s mythical presence commands respect and reverence in the Chinese culture. As the keeper to the Gate of Heaven, the Dragon is both rooted as a mountain and free as a bird. Those who have a Dragon in their chart are usually gifted with intuitive intelligence and natural leadership skills that enable them to rise high in whatever career they choose, and the grit and determination to keep stepping it up.
Take notes of what’s happening in the global stage and in your personal life as the Dragon month may offer us a sneak preview of 2024, the year of the Dragon and the official start of Period 9, the last 20-year cycle of a 180-year grand cycle in Chinese Metaphysics.
Signs that have affinities with the Dragon are secret friend the Bird (the Rooster) and allies the Rat and the Monkey. Those with these signs in their chart can expect a more collaborative month ahead, with support from friends and family (though keep in mind that other signs in the natal chart may contribute to a more challenging month.)
Those born in the year of the Dog, the sign opposite the Dragon, would be wise to take extra caution and avoid risky ventures this month. If you have a Dragon in your chart, April is a month to be conscious of self-sabotaging behaviors.

April 2023 Feng Shui

In the Flying Star chart for April 2023 above, the numbers in green are the annual stars for the current year (good until February 3, 2024), while the numbers in blue refer to April 2023’s monthly stars (good from April 5 to May 5, 2023).
This month, star 6 of power and authority, associated with Yang Metal and the Heaven trigram, “flies” to the center of the monthly Feng Shui Flying Stars chart. The various meanings associated with the ruling trigram of a specific period can provide us with messages and guidance to issues that may arise during the particular period, just like the five elements can provide insights for what lies ahead.
The Heaven trigram represents the creative force, the Father, and the wise masculine. The three solid Yang lines in the trigram depict the ultimate Yang: pure light in the sky originating from Heaven, indicating that major changes and events are the works of heavenly forces. This is a month to listen to the spirit within and go deeper into the language of the stars.
This month’s most vibrant sectors are the West, with monthly star 8 of prosperity strengthening the annual star 6 of authority, the South, with monthly star 1 of wisdom, and the center, with monthly star 6 of authority combining with the annual star 4 of romance and academic excellence. Do most of your daily activities in these sectors of your home or office to take advantage of the auspicious energies.
The sectors afflicted by the annual or monthly star 5 of misfortune and star 2 of illness should ideally be kept quiet, but if you can’t avoid them, use them mindfully – no loud noises or banging the doors. In April, these sectors are the Southeast, the Northwest, the East, and the North. Take caution when lighting a candle in the Northeast and reinforce all doors and windows located in the sector as monthly star 9 amplifies the influences of annual star 7 of fire dangers, violence, and robbery.

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