2023 the Year of the Water Rabbit: Chinese Astrology and Feng Shui Outlook

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Happy 2023! The lunar new year of the Rabbit starts on January 22 in 2023 with the New Moon in Aquarius, exact at 4:53am China Standard Time (GMT +8).
The year of the Water Rabbit has Yin Water in the heavenly frequency (Heavenly Stem) and Yin Wood in the Rabbit (the Earthly Branch). Whereas the previous year of the Water Tiger highlighted the relentless quality of Yang Water and the Tiger’s fast-paced, uncompromising nature, the soft Yin qualities of the year of the Rabbit indicate a more moderate year ahead.
Yin Water is calm and quiet, but it contains wisdom within its depth, as well as secrets and mysteries. Truth may be harder to see, especially when the mind is distracted by its own beliefs and perspectives. Like morning dew, the symbol of Yin Water, which appears in the quiet early morning before night turns into day, truth may lie somewhere in between light and darkness. Water is also the element associated with fear. Since fears can be louder than logic, it’s important that we make time for stillness to listen to the quiet voice of wisdom. Being gentle to yourself is key in the year of the Rabbit.
The Rabbit is a pure Yin Wood sign associated with the month of March, the height of spring in the Chinese solar calendar, when flowers are in full bloom. As the nature of Yin Wood is easygoing, flexible, and cooperating, we’ll see these qualities manifested in the world around us throughout the year, with people in general being more open to different views and more willing to compromise, compared to the unyielding nature of the Tiger’s Yang Wood.
As a Peach Blossom star, the Rabbit puts us in the mood for romance and social get-togethers. There are usually more weddings, flings, affairs, and parties in a Peach Blossom year. Whereas the Tiger’s nature as a travel star brought wanderlust and restlessness in 2022 after two years of being mostly sheltered at home during the pandemic, in the Rabbit year we may finally let go of any lingering social anxiety. We may also spend more time and money on arts and culture as Yin Wood also represents these aspects.
The Rabbit’s influences on other signs
Those born in the year of the Rabbit (1939, 1951, 1963, 1975, 1987, 1999, 2011) will be encountering the Grand Duke Jupiter (the “Tai Sui”) this year, while those born in the year of the Rooster / the Bird (1945, 1957, 1969, 1981, 1993, 2005, 2017) will oppose the Grand Duke. In Chinese Metaphysics, the year you encounter or oppose the animal sign of your birth year is usually a life-changing year of endings and beginnings. If you’re encountering or opposing the Grand Duke, be ready to step out of your comfort zones in 2023.
The Chinese zodiac signs that get along well with the Rabbit include secret friend the Dog and zodiac allies the Sheep and the Pig. This is a good year of collaborations for those with these signs. They can and should take more risks and dream bigger as the Rabbit is on their side.
The Rabbit is a nobility star to those born in a Water year or day. A year or a month when your nobility star appears brings Divine Support and is an ideal time to invest in personal or professional coaching as the help and guidance you receive will contribute greatly to your growth. *Water years are years that end with 2 and 3 such as 1972, 1973, 1982, 1993, and so on. Since 2023 is a Water year, babies born in this year of the Water Rabbit (between February 4, 2023 to February 3, 2024) will always be blessed with Divine Support – a very auspicious star to have in a natal chart.
Those born in a year or day of the Dog, the Tiger, or the Horse can expect a more social year ahead, with opportunities for fun and romance as the Rabbit is the Peach Blossom / star of romance to these signs.
*You can read my sign by sign forecast for the year of the Water Rabbit to learn what’s ahead for the Chinese zodiac signs of your birth year and your birth month (which means, your Western astrology sun signs!)
2023 transitions us from Period 8 to Period 9
2023 also marks the final year of Period 8 (the Age of 8), a 20-year cycle associated with Gen, the Mountain trigram, as we fully transition into the Age of 9 by the start of 2024. The years preceding a new period are usually filled with major changes and uncertainty, with influences from the departing period weakening and the arriving period coming into play. We’ve felt the shift since 2020, which opened with Saturn conjunct Pluto in January, and ended with the great conjunction of Saturn and Jupiter, considered the marker of each 20-year cycle, in December 2020.
A new period brings significant changes in world trends, preferences, lifestyle, and energy shifts that impact not only our daily life but also the environment, from immediate spaces and buildings we spend time in, to neighborhoods, cities, and countries. The shifts are influenced by the nature of the trigram associated with the new period. Knowing what to anticipate in the next period can help us identify opportunities and plan a few steps ahead.
Period 8’s Mountain trigram (☶) represents knowledge, which has flourished rapidly in the past two decades thanks to digital innovations. The ☶ trigram’s one solid Yang line at the top traditionally describes the youngest son, which today is generally interpreted as youthful males. The symbolisms of the Mountain trigram can be applied to illustrate the numerous digital advances and disruptions by young tech innovators during the 20-year period, especially in the early/mid 2000s, which have created new industries or disrupted existing ones. Two broken Yin lines at the bottom also illustrate that those at the top leading the disruptions may lack a solid foundation.
Whereas Period 8 favored youthful masculine Yang energy, Period 9, associated with ☲ Li, the Fire trigram, puts the spotlight on more mature feminine, Yin energy. The ☲ trigram’s single broken Yin line between two solid Yang lines represents the “middle sister”, highlighting the rise of middle-aged women coming into power and positions of influence in their communities. It doesn’t matter what gender you are, however, as the energy of the Fire trigram favors those who are in touch with their heart and the divine feminine within. The Fire trigram is about light and the heart, and as such, we can expect to see heart-based occupations and light/energy work becoming more in demand as more people seek to elevate their consciousness and connect deeper to spirit.
The 20-year periods themselves are part of a larger 180-year super cycle, in which the Age of 9 is the last 20-year cycle of the super cycle before another one begins when the Age of 1 starts in 2044.
Of note, Pluto the planet of transformation will be in Aquarius from 2024 to 2044 – the same 20-year period as the Age of 9. Pluto’s residence in Aquarius thus is closely connected to the Age of 9. I will be diving deeper into the Age of 9 / Pluto in Aquarius connection in the coming year – stay tuned.
Feng Shui for 2023: the Year of the Water Rabbit
While the lunar new year of the Rabbit is celebrated on January 22 in Asia with the new moon in Aquarius, Chinese Metaphysics practitioners refer to the solar calendar, which counts February 4 as the first day of the new year, to mark the transitions of the annual and monthly Feng Shui energies. The solar calendar is also used to calculate the Bazi (the four pillars) of one’s natal chart.
Star 4 of romance and study in the center of the 2023 Flying Star chart shares the same Yin Wood element as the Rabbit, highlighting the qualities of Yin Wood and setting a highly social mood for the year. Collaboration / teamwork is the key to success and harmony this year, a welcome change from 2022, which had star 5 of misfortune in the center.
Associated with Xun, the Wind trigram, star 4 is a reminder from the Tao for us to be creative and expansive with our visions, and to stay flexible in our attitude to best adapt to the winds of change. Our mindset plays a major part in manifesting our vision. The more we can open our mind to accept different views, the more we’ll be able to think critically and take advantage of hidden opportunities. The message of the Wind trigram can also be literal: we can expect to deal with windy weather conditions throughout the year.
The most vibrant sectors of 2023 are the South, North, and Southwest sectors. Annual star 8 of current prosperity flies to the South, while annual star 9 of joy and upcoming prosperity visits the North. Star 1 of wisdom and distant prosperity in the Southwest brings relief to the sector after being visited by star 2 of illness in 2022. This year, you may find that you are more productive and result-oriented when you spend more time in these sectors of the house or the office. The West sector, visited by star 6 of power and authority, makes an ideal office space. If the center of your home is an open space, you can use it as a creative space as the presence of star 4 invites creative energy into the sector.
The Northwest and East sectors are best kept quiet between February 4, 2023 to February 3, 2024, with star 5 of misfortune in the Northwest and star 2 of illness in the East. Take extra precautions when it comes to your health if your home faces one of these directions, or if your bedroom is located in one of these sectors, especially in the month of the Horse (June 6 – July 6), when the monthly stars also mirror the annual stars, amplifying the influences.
Be mindful when using the Southeast sector, visited by star 3 of conflicts and arguments. You can still use the sector, but be mindful of your temper and leave if you feel anger or irritability rising. Reinforce all doors and windows located in the Northeast, afflicted by hostile star 7 associated with robbery and fire dangers.
*Although there may be remedies to lessen a sector’s negative energy, the best solution is to simply avoid using the sector, or keep the area as quiet as possible, especially if you’re not familiar with your home’s natal energies. If you do have to spend time in the area, keep your activities there minimal. Common sense also applies: for example, it’s a good idea to have doors and windows reinforced if they’re located in a sector affected by star 7 of robbery.
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